Stonex S900New

High-Tech. Low Price.

The Stonex S900New Made in Italy GNSS receiver is a next generation receiver that comes fully-loaded with the latest technology at an affordable price point. Cut your equipment costs while using the most up-to-date technology with the Stonex line of GNSS Equipment.

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S900New and S900ANew

S900 is the result of the continuous evolution of the Stonex GNSS integrated receivers. Featuring a high accuracy multi-constellation antenna, a powerful UHF dual frequency transmitter and a GSM 4G modem, for a fully integrated multi-communication choice; all combined with a light and modern design.

Stonex S900 integrated GNSS receiver tracks all the present constellations and satellite signals GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, GALILEO, QZSS, IRNSS and through the upgradable firmware offers the opportunity to be day by day updated with the latest available features. On S900 it is possible to insert 2 smart hot-swappable batteries at the same time, ensuring a maximum of 12 hours of operation without stopping. To initialize, manage, monitor the settings of the receiver and download data is available a user-friendly Web UI.

S900 is also equipped with E-Bubble functionality and the optional IMU technology. Fast initialization, up to 60° inclination.



aRTK & Atlas® Correction Service

The S900A can automatically select the best combination of GNSS signals with the possibility to receive Atlas® real-time corrections when the connection signals are interrupted or not available. aRTK is an innovative feature available in Stonex S900A GNSS Receiver that significantly mitigates the impact of land-based communication instability.

  • aRTK delivered via satellite for uninterrupted centimetre positioning in areas where local RTK communication links are unstable.
  • aRTK provides an additional layer of communication redundancy to RTK users, ensuring that intermittent data connectivity does not impact productivity.

Thanks to aRTK the receiver is able to continue generating RTK positions in case the land-based RTK correction source becomes unavailable for a few minutes.

The Atlas® is a subscription for S900A aimed to achieve three different levels of accuracy depending on subscription type that you need. It’s perfect when working in difficult areas because it gives precise positioning around the world.

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