Perfa-Cure Concrete Curing Boxes


Lightweight Perfa-Cure Curing Boxes provide storage and protection for concrete test specimens on the jobsite to meet required initial curing conditions.

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Users plug in the unit and set the thermostat to the desired temperature. Models are available with heating or with both heating and cooling.  The heating panel uses a safe, aluminum base to radiate heat. Models with cooling functionality feature a blower fan to circulate cool air inside the box and automatically switch from heating to cooling based on conditions.  The green indicator light illuminates when the unit is in operation. Models are compliant with current ASTM C31 and AASHTO T 23 specifications for initial curing of concrete test specimens in the field. Robust carrying handles on each end make transporting empty units easy. The Heater Panel and AC Cooling Units on the inner lid are easily replaceable. A max-min registering thermometer is mounted inside the box to monitor curing conditions. Perfa-Cure boxes operate on 110V/60Hz electrical supply.

HM-491 Perfa-Cure provides heat-only and accommodates up to nine 6x12in (152 x 305mm) cylinders or thirty 4x8in (102 x 203mm) cylinders.

HM-493 Perfa-Cure Mini is heat-only and holds four 6x12in (152 x 305mm) cylinders or ten 4x8in (102 x 203mm) cylinders.

HM-495 Perfa-Cure Plus features both heating and cooling functionality and accepts nine 6x12in (152 x 305mm) or thirty-two 4x8in (102 x 203mm) concrete cylinders.

Perfa-Cure Match Cure automatically maintains the temperature of the cure box based on the core temperature of your slab or form.  Simply insert the exterior probe into the concrete and plug the unit in. It has a dual heating system & gas free air conditioning system that regulates temperature rapidly & effectively.


  • Reliable heating/cooling and protected storage of concrete test specimens on the jobsite
  • Compliant with ASTM C31 and AASHTO T 23 specifications
  • Convenient, durable carrying handles for easy handling of the empty unit
  • Inside-mounted max-min registering thermometer accurately monitors curing conditions

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