AGL GradoPlane 25X

It has single grade capability of +25% to -5% or dual grade of +15% to -5% and a self-leveling range up to 5°.

Product Number: N/A


Combined with a unique battery system which gives you seven different options, it can be powered by one NiMH battery pack or two for 100 hours of use, or by four size “D” alkaline batteries or eight for 130 hours. The laser will also allow you to mix alkaline and NiMH batteries. The unit has an environmental protection of IPX7. The keypad is simple to operate with an optional two-way remote control, all programming and features can be operated and viewed from the remote.

NOTE: Display package does NOT come with remote control. 

The new AGL GP25x has several beneficial features:

  • An exceptional operating range of 3600’ diameter, 1/16” (8 arc sec) accuracy
  • A remote control option with 750’ distance
  • Beam masking
  • Auto Axis Alignment (using the remote and detector, you can align the axis for grade operation automatically)
  • Temperature Compensation (allows same accuracy over entire temperature range, -4° to +122° F) and several rotation speeds
  • Two-year warranty
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