How to Ship a Gauge

To prepare a gauge for shipment please follow these steps.

(International customers: FedEx will not accept Troxler gauges for shipment into the U.S. Please contact your freight forwarder for shipment options.)


Lock the source rod in the “safe” position. Place the gauge and reference standard block in the case. All other parts & accessories should be removed from the case.


Enclose a Gauge Return/License Certification Form. International customers need to obtain an RGA number from Troxler’s International Department (call +1.919.549.8661).


Place shipping labels on the case. Labels should indicate exactly what is in each case. You should have 2 Yellow II labels, 1 on the front of the case and 1 on the rear.

See a properly labeled shipping case.

To view the Yellow II label for your gauge, select the gauge model below.

3430, 3430-P, or 3440-P 3440 or 3440 Plus
3450 3451
3411 (for current case) 4640-B

Along with the Yellow II labels, there should also be an orange and black Cargo Aircraft Only (Do Not Load in Passenger Aircraft) label affixed to the front and rear of the case.

On the rear of the case should also be a US DOT Type “A” label. For model 3400 series gauges and 3241-C, use the US DOT Type A RQ label. For model 4640-B gauges, use the US DOT Type A label. (All shipping case labels can be purchased through our site or by calling 1.866.300.9012.)


A padlock may be used to prevent unauthorized access to the gauge and qualifies as the “security seal” required by USDOT regulations. You may also use a Troxler Tamper Evident Security Seal or something comparable to satisfy this requirement. Please note that USDOT prohibits the shipment of Type A cases with any holes or damage other than superficial marks (which applies whether on the interior or exterior of the case).


You are now ready to fill out a Federal Express Waybill and Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods (DG) Form. On the waybill be sure to check “Yes” under the heading “Does the shipment contain dangerous goods?” Please note that FedEx requires that all DG Forms be typed. These links provide Dangerous Goods forms with most of the Troxler nuclear gauge information provided. The areas shaded in gray need to be provided by the shipper. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer & Instruction* pages to ensure all required information is provided. Forms are in PDF format. These forms may be used for shipments made via FedEx or any other air carrier that accepts radioactive shipments.

*For International shipments, Special Form Certificate numbers must be referenced on the DG Form and copies must be attached.

Note: A color printer is needed to print these forms properly. The red marks on either side of the form MUST appear in red or the carrier will not accept the form.

3401/3411 3216
3241-C (100 mCi) 3241-C (300 mCi)
3430 or 3430-P 3440 or 3440 Plus
3450/3451 4640


An Emergency Response Sheet must accompany the Bill of Lading.

Note: You must have prior approval from Troxler before shipping a damaged gauge to us for repair or dispoals. We will request photographs of the damage as well as a copy of leak test results performed since the damage occurred. Please contact the Radiation Safety Department at 1.866.300.9012 (outside the USA ) for assistance if you need to return a damaged gauge.

Still have questions about shipping a gauge?

Please look in the Troxler Transportation Guide or your gauge’s instruction manual for additional shipping information. You can also e-mail us or call 1.866.300.9012.