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UAV Safety Tips

There are risks associated with flying a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) but by taking these risks into account, and by taking ample precaution, the operator can ensure that anyone in the surrounding area is safe and reduce the likelihood of damage to the UAV. Before Flying 1. Choose the Proper Environment Avoid places (if possible) […]

Low Environmental Impact Cabling Using GPS

Jan De Nul’s Moonfish cable trencher on its maiden outing © JdN Need to lay 5 km of cabling through an environmentally sensitive area in 5 days? Sounds like a job for Sunfish, Moonfish and Isaac Newton. A New Offshore Windfarm The Race Bank windfarm, located about 27 km (16.8 mi.) off the Norfolk coast in England, […]

GNSS in a Cold Climate

Why all the fuss about Antarctica? It’s the coldest, driest and windiest continent on Earth which many might understandably prefer to leave well enough alone. It is however home to 70% of the world’s fresh water and 90% of all the ice on Earth which if it melted, would raise sea levels by almost 70 m (230 ft.) Being […]

The Importance of GNSS Testing

  Since the downturn in the Oil and Gas sector in Alberta, one thing I have been hearing a lot is how much surveyors are getting their rates “squeezed” – in some cases up to 40%.  Such a drastic reduction in rates is forcing companies to search for alternatives to lower their capital costs when […]

6 Essentials for a Machine Control GPS Receiver

  GPS receivers can either assist operators in making better decisions by providing precise position information (indicate-only mode) or the GPS receiver, as part of a guidance system, can take over the operation of the machine’s implement itself (fully-automatic mode) to follow a preloaded design. In fully-automatic mode, the RTK centimetre-level precision of the GPS […]

Septentrio GNSS Technology Guarantees DEME’s Operations in Areas of Interference

  Leuven, Belgium – 10 February, 2017 – The Belgian dredging, environmental and engineering group DEME relies on the accuracy and reliability of the AsteRx family of precise GNSS positioning solutions from Septentrio. DEME is using Septentrio’s AsteRx GNSS receivers to obtain centimetre-level accuracy for all their dredging and marine construction operations worldwide. These receivers […]

The Chirp Jammer: A GPS Hit and Run

  The €50 Device That Brought a Multi-Million Euro Project to a Standstill You’ve got your base station setup in an open environment, its position has been properly surveyed and it’s tracking signals from all satellites visible overhead with good signal-to-noise levels. What could possibly go wrong? Here’s what can and did go wrong on […]

Developments in GNSS Technology

  GNSS positioning has come a long way in the last 5 years.  There once was a time when achieving 2cm vertical accuracy in a multipath environment (i.e. near an obstruction or under canopy) was not possible. There have been some developments in GNSS technology recently that changes this and allows for greater reliability in […]